The Mexican people celebrate death on November 2nd called Dia de los Muertos, “Day of the Dead” with festivities for all. Why almost everywhere else, death is so feared? Why is it common for people to fear the most common occurrence in this world? Where does this fear resonate from? So many questions that can’t simply be answered in a google search. I don’t fear death, yet I don’t want to cause unneeded suffering and despair to my family members and the small group of people I can call friends. Maybe one day, if I outlive them, I can go by choice instead of playing this long waiting game we call ‘age’; finally be free from this suffering. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy spending time with friends and family, and saying I don’t care about them, but my wish still stands.

Working for TD Wealth

Little late, but I got a job at TD Waterhouse and it’s been quite the wild ride to say the least. Lot of new experiences, most good and some bad but hey it’s something to be happy about regardless considering how hard it is to find work in Canada nowadays. Thankfully i’ve made myself the notable asset in the CTS (Client Transfer Services) team and had my contract extended until mid October.

I would say I hope to get on full time but education is a lot more important. October will be judgement day, and will determine if I do part time post-secondary or not. Not gonna lie though, working is a lot more fun than sitting in a classroom. It’s nice meeting people in a similar age range and learning something you like sure, but why do that when you can get money? (and not run the risk of getting f-ed over by something that’s out of your control)